Saturday, 13 February 2021

CAP4Nature Report


This link opens a report from an Irish workshop to solicit biodiversity scientists' opinions as part of an EU series of workshops requested to address the topic 'The Common Agricultural Policy post-2020: A new Green Architecture, Novel Eco-schemes and biodiversity indicators. How can scientists and science help to make it work?' 

The report follows a template prepared by the coordinating group for this project consisting of iDiv Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, the Thünen Institute Federal Research Institute for. Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries, and the Universität Rostock (following a request for such workshops from the European Commission).

This workshop report provides input from an ad hoc expert group in Ireland brought together in November 2020 by the CAP4Nature network seeking to provide advice, based on relevant scientific research, on how EU Member States in general, and Ireland in particular, could best make use of the proposed ‘Green Architecture’ in the new CAP framework to achieve Union and national biodiversity targets. (Updated) It also draws on a working paper 'Proposals for the CAP Green Architecture and Implementation in Ireland' undertaken by the Technical Group of the Farming for Nature project, an independent, not-for-profit initiative which aims to support High Nature Value farming in Ireland that was established in 2018.

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