Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Multi-species swards: links to webinars


This post lists some webinars and videos on multi-species swards that our research group has contributed to. 

The Agricultural Science Association in Ireland hosted a webinar on multi-species mixtures on 20th May 2021. The link to the webinar is here. I gave the first presentation, followed by Dr Helen Sheridan, and then Prof. Tommy Boland. Each is about 15 mins, and the recording also includes the Q&A session. 

John Finn gave an overview of his collaborative research in a webinar on multi-species mixtures as part of the Teagasc Signpost Series (from March 2021). A pdf of the presentation can be viewed here

In this video, Guylain Grange and Aidan Lawless show some of our agronomic plots on multi-species mixtures, and our newest systems experiment that implements multi-species swards in the dairy system at Johnstown Castle (from July 2020)

DLF (Seed Company) produced a series of videos as part of a week-long focus on multi-species swards (Jan 2021)

Day 2 Choosing the right Multi-species mixture for your farm

Day 3 Multi Species Swards Research in Ireland (see Guylain Grange and Saoirse Cummins talk about their research (from 4.09 minutes), amid related research ongoing at UCD and WIT.) 

Day 4 Managing a multi species sward

Cotswolds Seeds also have a webinar on the use of deep-rooting herbal leys:

Making the Most of Herbal Leys - A Webinar for Farmers

The British Grassland Society / Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board have jointly organised the following webinars available on multi-species swards:

Webinar 1: Delivering livestock performance and environmental improvements 
A number of items were discussed, and the full webinar can be viewed

Webinar 2: Establishment – looking forward to 2021 
To view the webinar, click here.

Webinar 3: Considerations beyond the price tag
This webinar covered the environmental and financial aspects to consider when using herbal leys.
To view the webinar, click here.

Here, Caroline Brophy discusses a new R package for the analysis of data from multi-species experiments.

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